Building a successful user experience starts with understanding people's needs. Interviews with the team, partners and members of California Dance Network (CADN) gave me insight into the community they serve. CADN's members needed an uncluttered website where they could easily search for and submit (their own) dance related events and resources.

Old vs. New

California Dance Network needed to update an out-of-date membership website. Although this site had initially attracted members, the design and functionality failed to target the needs of it's audience and the website became a ghost-town. The design challenge was to clearly define the goals of the new website and rebuild it into a usable tool.


California Dance Network Wireframes

Style Guide

California Dance Network Style Guide

Web Design

California Dance Network - Home page
California Dance Network - Events page

Responsively Designed

Elections Admin Desktop


UX, UI, User Research, User Testing, Prototypes, Wireframing, Web Development (WordPress)