The Challenge

The Elections Administration platform is the bedrock of Online Voting. In order for an election eco-system to operate smoothly, an Elections Administrator needs reliable tools to set up, monitor, and report election results.

The legacy system supported about 2000 live elections throughout a year. Unfortunately, the base platform had been “added-on” so much that all new installations had to be customized and required long-term support for each individual build. In addition, the clients themselves could not entirely operate the system without our in-house support. This model was clearly inefficient and unsustainable for longterm growth. Finally, a new Online Voting system had been launched and the Election Administration software needed to adapt to support this upgrade.

Legacy Elections Administration - Dashboard

Users First

We are inconsistent throughout the tool - for example, in our use of buttons like "save" - sometimes you have to save your work, other times it will just be saved.
I honestly rarely look at/use the dashboard - I can't find a lot of real value…

As a first step, I immediately conducted user interviews, surveys and screen sharing hang-out sessions with Election Administrators (EAs). I learned that customers were comfortable with some parts of the system. They relied on their familiarity with “hackish” methods to perform some critical functions of their jobs. I collected opinions on how these workflows could be streamlined and the struggles/anxiety EA’s encountered when one of these delicate methods needed to be performed on a live election.

Research data highlighted a few key action items: update the dashboard to be more “useful”, streamline primary work-flows, add helpful instructions for election set up, and unify the overall look and feel of the system for consistency.


Elections Admin Sketches


Elections Admin Wireframes


Elections Admin Desktop

The updated design solved a few key issues. The dashboard now adapted with information relevant to an administrator in one of three stages in an election cycle: pre-election, live election and post election. Additionally, the UI/UX conformed to a central product style guide.


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