FireRocket hired me to overhaul their brand and website. Anyone who refers to themselves as "a group of interactive marketing scientists" has immediately won my heart.

Laura Lee gif

Laura Lee catching a crane on her finger.

Old v. New

Fire Rocket logo  - old vs. new


Fire Rocket Discoery

Comparing Monogram Scales

Fire Rocket Monogram scale

Interplanetary Colors

Fire Rocket - exploring logo colors

3… 2… 1…

FireRocket was ready to make some bold moves. To attract new clients their logo had to be smart, creative and distinct. With plans to aggressively promote themselves using social media it was important that their logo be instantly recognizable and scaleable across all mediums.

Fire Rocket - Brand Engagement Engineers

Unleashing the creative juggernaut

Fire Rocket - Branding Icons

Through extensive brainstorming and exploration we were able to unveil the identity of FireRocket's brand. These extra components were used to enhance the website and other marketing collateral.

Getting webby with it (na, na, na, na, na, na)

Fire Rocket - About Page Fire Rocket - Interactive Marketing Fire Rocket - RocketFeed

A shiny new website allowed FireRocket to outline their skills, share their thoughts and make it 100% clear that they are in fact "the shizz".

Nominated for Best Logo

I was humbled when FireRocket's logo was nominated for "Best Logo" at the San Diego Entrepreneur Day Awards!

Clients, prospects and contractors dig our website and logo. They know right away that they're hooking up with a creative team of innovative engagement engineers.

~ Kelly Diaz and Laura Lee Arnet, Co-founders

Kelly Diaz and Laura Lee Arnet


Branding, Logo Design, UI, Web Design & Development