In August of 2011 Hurricane Irene ripped through the green mountains of Vermont. One of its victims was the Vermont Island Line Trail - a old rail line which had been converted into one of the most spectacular recreational trails in the country.

Floods caused by the hurricane left the trail in pieces. The once smooth dirt trail was filled with holes, water and debris from the storm. The mass devastation left the future of the trail in serious jeopardy.

The Big Fix - Damage

Kickstarting a campaign

Local Motion - a non-profit organization - stepped up to the plate with a campaign titled "The Big Fix" to raise the estimated $1.5 million dollars needed for repairing the trail. I was hired to create a logo for the campaign which would inspire community involvement and make a clear association to the Island Line Trail.

Bringing a community together

The new logo expressed the passion behind the campaign. I was humbled witnessing how people embraced the graphic as the momentum of the campaign grew.

The Big Fix - T Shirt The Big Fix - parade The Big Fix - campaign launch The Big Fix - promo media video
Love The Big Fix graphic!

~ Jen Francis, Parks planner for the City of Burlington

The Big Fix was successful in raising money and reopening the causeway to the public on April 22, 2013.  $1.5 million was raised from 545 donors within 104 days.


Branding & Logo Design