Trek To Teach is a one-of-a-kind program that sends college students on a trek through the Himalayas to teach English in some of the most rural parts of Nepal. They contacted me to refresh their existing brand, update their website and to improve their online application process. I was stoked to be working with an organization that has such an incredible mission.

Trek To Teach - Desktop

Logo Refresh

The project began with some design limitations due to the existing logo and color palate. We didn't want to drastically change the young brand. Instead, we made some minor adjustments to the logo that made it more versatile and scaleable. These early design decisions heavily inspired the entire look and feel of the website.

Color Palette

Trek To Teach - color palate Trek To Teach - 3 Steps


Trek To Teach Typography

Radical T-Shirts

Radical Trek To Teach teachers wearing radical T-shirts

Website Design

Trek To Teach Typography

Pen to Pixels

Trek To Teach - Pen to Pixels

UI - Teacher Application

Trek To Teach - Application - 3 Steps


Trek To Teach - Desktop Trek To Teach - iPad

The website encourages new applicants to enroll by pairing a friendly user-interface with inspiring content. Anticipating growth in the organization, the foundation of the website is built on an expandable, lightweight platform with many reusable parts.

Andrew has helped Trek To Teach expand in ways we had not expected. Within the first 12 months of launching (the new website) we had to remove the summer semester from the application because it was full - this was a first for us! He has also been great at suggesting marketing and design strategies that focus on our long-term growth.

~ Brad Hurvitz, Founder

Brad Hurvitz


Logo refresh, UI, UX, Web Design, Web Development and some awesome T-shirts